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About Us

With more than 30 years’ experience in architectural projection and a profound knowledge of our market, MIIN rises with the imminent need of providing richer and bolder architectural and design spaces with new solutions that stand out from the ordinary.

Our sight set and interested in different fields of design has led us to experiment different scales and address all kinds of everyday objects that complement spaces and change the essence of an environment, producing changes in the aesthetic culture of those who live and enjoy them. We’re thrilled to experiment, decipher and question the way we inhabit and unfold in space.

We trust in design as a valuable and transdisciplinary tool that helps us develop and improve our society and culture.

Through our sensibility in the field of creative economy and professionalization of design, we conceive pieces full of ingenuity, defying our own resources and testing our creativity.


We’re a group of Mexican creatives fascinated by design. Passionate about challenges, we love what we do and we dare to be authentic. We are faithful to our expectations and tenacious with our objectives. Thus, we turn every concern and idea into reality, impregnating vison into every piece we create.


We are committed to the honesty of our materials and the practicality of our design to make them viable, functional and full of character.

We like to work assuming the creative process is an eternal prototyping. Errors and accidents are part of the adventure in our design process. They set the path to know everything is perfectible, which leads to every piece having its own personality.

Our Creative
Production and Processes

We create objects full of ingenuity supported by a team of experienced professionals in different fields in and out of the discipline of design, using methodologies we are discovering and adopting, combined with flashes of inspiration and spontaneous ideas.

Our designs are produced with the backing of years of experience in furniture engineering manufacturing and development. We are careful of every detail, ensuring high quality standards and seeking that every piece meets the objective of our brand.

We awaken our creative thinking through different visual languages and techniques, which predict and give way to our creations. We trust a piece to speak for itself expressing the ideal materials that would give it aesthetics, purpose and specific use.

A Mexican

/ With absolute understanding of our culture, we rescue the virtues of the Mexican creative and production process. /


Proud of our origins, we take advantage of the intuitive and spontaneous creative ingenuity that characterizes our Mexico. We are receptive to the accidents that contribute value to the contemporary world. In the accidents of the creative process we found the key that opens doors to new opportunities and endow our collections with a singular cunning that constantly identifies us with our culture.


Freshness and honesty impregnate each of our designs, we are faithful to the ideal materials required by each piece according to its specific qualities.

We respect the physical nature of each material and leave it visible to accidents that result in imperfection and make each piece unique in order to have authentic collections.

Our Design

Product catalog sales. Consult our website; lean on our sales team and one of our interior designers.

We adapt interior design projects with our product catalog. We furnish your space with a selection of our products using your plans as support.  We make sure our proposed furniture fits and functions withing the space you’re looking to furnish.

We develop integral interior design and furniture projects with exclusive and custom design for restaurants, hotels, museums, cultural centers and more.

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